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Renesas RZ/A2M Evaluation Board


Quick Instructions

  • Clone the BSP from github and build an XIP kernel
$ git clone https://github.com/renesas-rz/rza_linux-4.19_bsp.git
$ cd rza_linux-4.19_bsp
$ ./build.sh config rza2mevb
$ ./build.sh buildroot
$ ./build.sh u-boot
$ ./build.sh kernel xipImage
  • Use J-Link to program the board
$ ./build.sh jlink u-boot
$ ./build.sh jlink dtb
$ ./build.sh jlink xipImage 0x20200000
$ ./build.sh jlink rootfs_axfs 0x20800000
  • Boot Linux using the follow command in u-boot
=> run xha_boot

NOTE: Make sure the SW6 switches on the base board match what is displayed when u-boots.

                ON     SW6
                |       = = = =       |
                | = = =               |
                | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 |  Please make sure your sub-board matches
                +---------------------+  these switch settings.
       SW6-1 set to Other
       SW6-2 set to Audio
       SW6-3 set to USB, CAN, UART(console)
       SW6-4 set to Ether1
       SW6-5 set to Ether2
       SW6-6 set to VDC6
       SW6-7 set to VDC6

Remote Control

Operation Signal A Pin A Signal B Pin B Connector needed Comments
Reset nSRST CN5 pin 10 GND CN5 pin 9 1.27mm female header CN5 on CPU board
Wake-Up PJ_1/IRQ0 JP1-2 GND CN17 pin 17 1-pin female Mini-PV
1-pin male Mini-PV
JP1 IRQ selection jumper on sub board
CN17 CMOS Camera Connector on sub board