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Maybe you were looking for Extension:Oversight, a somewhat similar extension that has essentially been superseded by this feature.

Core MediaWiki has a feature (disabled by default) that adds a special page called Special:RevisionDelete.

What it does

With that page you can change the visibility of a revision:

  • Hide revision text
  • Hide edit comment
  • Hide editor's username/IP

Or change the visibility of a log entry:

  • Hide action and target
  • Hide action comment
  • Hide editor's username/IP

Deleted revisions and events will still appear in the page history and logs, but parts of their content will be inaccessible to the public. A group of oversight users can also be created that has power to make these parts inaccessible to sysops as well.

For the technical part of this feature, see Bitfields for rev deleted.


To enable it, you have to set some user rights in LocalSettings.php. The following example is a commented out part in DefaultSettings.php:

To hide revisions/log items from users:
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['deleterevision']  = true;
To hide usernames from users and Sysops:
$wgGroupPermissions['suppress']['hideuser'] = true;
To hide revisions/log items from users and Sysops (also needs deleterevision right):
$wgGroupPermissions['suppress']['suppressrevision'] = true;
For private suppression log access:
$wgGroupPermissions['suppress']['suppressionlog'] = true;
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