Right Angle Serial Adapter

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BBB Right Angle Serial Adapter

When the BeagleBone Black is used with a cape (add-on board), any cable installed to the serial header J1 on the BeagleBone Black may interfere with the stacking cape. The Right Angle Serial Adapter is used to avoid this interference by converting the vertical serial header on the BeagleBone Black to horizontal. This adapter consists of a right angle through-hole socket and a through-hole header. Both are 6-position and .1" pitch. The connections between the socket and header are 1 to 1.

Installation Instructions


1. Insert the female socket of the adapter to the 6-pin serial header J1 on the BeagleBone Black. The male header on the adapter should be facing inside.


2. Install any serial cable to the male header on the adapter and run the cable outside the board.


3. Stack any cape on top of the BeagleBone Black.


  • The top of the Right Angle Serial Adapter may make contact with the bottom side of the stacking cape. Any cape that has components at that location on the bottom side may interfere with the adapter.
  • We recommend to leave some gaps on the expansion pins when insert the cape to the BeagleBone Black. Full insertion of the expansion pins may force the Right Angle Adapter.
  • Always check for correct orientation before connect the serial cable to the adapter. Pin 1 on the BeagleBone Black's J1 (next to the white dot on PCB) is GND.