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Raspberry Pi HDMI to VGA Adapter.

If you don't want to buy a new HDMI monitor or if you have an old VGA monitor gathering dust then why not use it with your raspberry pi. You can do this with a HDMI to VGA adapter.


if you are reading this i assume that you are interested in an adapter. To start with you need to make sure that your power supply is up to the job. If you are using a 700mA USB phone charger you may need to get something better, i personally use a 1 amp USB adapter and it works fine. Another option is an adapter with its own power supply. Be careful though because on older Pi's there is a diode which will blow if the adapter is drawing to much current, if this happens the powered adapter is your friend.

Adapter (Un-powered).

Buying the adapter may depend on budget or aesthetics. If you want an Un-powered adapter then you can buy from any of the sites further down

Adapter (Powered

This adapter is if your Pi power supply isn't up to an Un-powered adapter or you have blown the diode i was on about. powered adapters can be cumbersome in the respect that they have to have there own power supply and sure that there are enough trailing wires already.[

Sellers (Both type of adapter)


Ebay.(Don't buy a cable as it will not work it needs to be an adapter.)


Add other sources if they exist.


This is one of my first articles so do not hesitate to correct me if im wrong or to add content to this page. BlueberryPi.