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Here are the instructions which came with the patch to support the SMDK2440 board from Samsung.

The attached patch implements SMDK2440 board support for CELF kernel
with power management feature enabled.
SMDK2440 board is an evaluation board for Samsung's S3C2440 processor
(ARM920T core).
A part of draft CELF PM spec is implemented in this patch. (System
suspend/resume and dynamic power management framework is implemented.)

Attached diff_stat_2440 contains diff stats.
For details, please see the attached README.txt.

Thank you,
Best regards,
Joo-Young Hwang

   Joo-Young Hwang, Ph.D, Senior Engineer,
   CE Linux Forum PMWG co-chair
   SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Here are the contents of the README file that came with the patch to support the SMDK240 board.

  1. Contents of this patch
 (1) SMDK2440 board support
   - SMDK2440 board is evaluation board for Samsung's S3C2440 processor.
   - S3C2440 has ARM920T core and operates at up to 533MHz clock.
   - For more details, please visit the following URL.

 (2) Power Management Support
    This patch implements a subset of CELF 1.0 Power Management Specification.
    - System suspend/resume is supported.
      - While system is suspended, memory is set to self refresh mode, processor goes to its power off mode,
      and other devices like LCD and audio codec are suspended. All cpu contexts and device contexts are
      restored successfully when system is resumed.
      - Automatic suspending a device which is inactive for a period is not supported.
    - Dynamic Power Management framework is supported.
      - Monta Vista's Dynamic Power Management framework is successfully working on SMDK2440.
2. Environment
 - target kernel (celinux-040304, "celf2" kernel)
 - endian  ( little endian)
 - compiler ( gcc 2.95.3 and 3.3.2)
 - enabled devices: serial, LCD(Frame-buffer device), sound, USB host, MTD-nand flash support, Touch Screen panel, Ethernet, Keyboard(optional)
3. How to build
[celinux-040503]$vi Makefile [enter]

Environment Variables ; ARCH :=arm , CROSS_COMPILER="your arm-toolchain directory"

[celinux-040503]$make smdk2440_config [enter]

*** Default configuration for smdk2440 installed
*** Next, you may run 'make oldconfig'

[celinux-040503]$make oldconfig [enter]


*** End of Linux kernel configuration.
*** Check the top-level Makefile for additional configuration
*** Next, you must run 'make dep'.

[celinux-040503]$make dep [enter]

[celinux-040503]$make zImage [enter]