Squashfs filesystem support for u-boot

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Squashfs filesystem support for u-boot

Squashfs filesystem support for u-boot
Phillip Lougher


U-boot currently has support for reading Cramfs, Ext2, Jffs2, Reiserfs, Ubifs, and Yaffs2 filesystems. This project will add support for reading Squashfs 4.0 filesystems.

Tuxbox added support for reading Squashfs 2.x filesystems to their u-boot (about 2005), but this (see references) was never mainlined, and it is now based on an ancient version of Squashfs and an ancient version of u-boot.

This project will add support for reading modern Squashfs 4.0 filesystems (as supported by the mainline Linux kernel). U-boot currently has library support for gzip and lzo decompression, and so support can be added to decompress both gzip and lzo compressed filesystems.

XZ (LZMA2) support for Squashfs has recently been added (kernel support was merged for 2.6.38), but u-boot lacks support for XZ decompression. If time permits this proposal may also add support for XZ compressed filesystems including adding library support for XZ decompression (but perhaps adding XZ decompression should be a separate project).

Related work


4 weeks, depends on whether XZ support is also implemented.

Contractor Candidates

I'm recommending myself, as the author and maintainer of Squashfs.