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[01:03:22] <losinggeneration> I think it might be possible to repartition the NAND, and get around 512 MB total...
[01:03:53] <PhilKll> that would be nice, I don't think we really need dual OS/kernels do we?
[01:04:09] <losinggeneration> but, we'd need to be extremely careful, since we need to not destroy the boot area on the NAND
[01:04:10] <PhilKll> the only reason I've seen that the didj has them, is for flashing in firmware
[01:04:31] <losinggeneration> yep, so a bad flash doesn't happen is mainly why
[01:04:57] <PhilKll> but we're not that concerned, I mean we can rewrite the entire things from SD using uboot
[01:05:20] <PhilKll> assuming not a terrible amount of badblocks, actually that might best be left for last resort
[01:06:15] <PhilKll> maybe we leave it, and our system runs like brio in that anything we add to the system, apps and stuff, go in mtdblock9
[01:07:08] <PhilKll> then our menu interface, looks in say /Didj/Apps for homebrew applications, and adds them to a menu system
[01:07:19] <PhilKll> the it would be super easy to add stuff, just do it over usb
[01:07:41] <losinggeneration> I'd personally feel more compfortable having a descent SD driver and just have apps and stuff on the SD 
[01:08:18] <losinggeneration> with  /Didj/Apps as more of a second option for people without a DJHI
[01:08:40] <losinggeneration> or for if you don't want to have it plugged in while on the go
[01:08:47] <PhilKll> so we could do both then
[01:08:53] <losinggeneration> yeah
[01:09:06] <PhilKll> have the menu populate itself from /Didj/Apps and SD/Apps
[01:09:19] <PhilKll> makes sense, plus sd is vastly bigger space
[01:09:42] <losinggeneration> that's kind of the idea I'm currently thinking will work best for the largest amount of people 
[01:10:08] <losinggeneration> the SD having a lot more space is also a big plus IMO
[01:10:15] <PhilKll> yeah, thats what I'm thinking, something simple, on start up that just provides people a way to start thier app
[01:11:12] <PhilKll> true, but it would be nice with the /Didj space because me and nirvous were talking about using the SD for GPIO, so people could do that too
[01:11:58] <PhilKll> if someone came up with a use/need for some GPIO the only ones are the SD pins, so having both leaves open that functionality, which is nice
[01:13:48] <losinggeneration> that's why I think having the option to copy something on the SD to the Didj would be a good option, so it could start out as an app on the SD, and the easily be copied to the Didj if it did require the SD slot for something else
[01:14:55] <PhilKll> yeah that would be cool, also if you didn't want your cartridge for some reason, you could copy your apps over and go
[01:15:58] <PhilKll> this way the cartridge slot could be used for hardware hacks, and not have to worry so much about it being necessary to the function, which would probably require some sort of check at some point
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