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3 questions:

So the emulator is nice, but mine crashes when I try to access the menu in-game. Is this a common issue, or just me? At the moment when the emulator run and the home button is press the quit() function its call so its not a crash it just emulator that stop

Also- what sorts of options were used in the compile of the zimage for this? I'm interested in finding a zImage that will have SD/mmc enabled, and I'm not sure if I can apply the patch in place or need to compile it fresh. Atm Nirvous that build the didj kernel he said he will post the patch for having it compiled atm this kernel doesn t support mmc/sd no sure if he do plan to make a zImage from the lxkernel with mmc for the didj emulator ask him (IRC)

-Nirvous posted the patch to change memory allocation on September 1. (yay!)

Finally, is there a way to make emulator start after boot? I'd like to be able to use it without a computer attached all the time, especially since it needs a UART command to launch every time. Would putting a version of (modified to point to the right directory) in a boot directory work? Yes I did it myself just edit some /etc/init.d/rcS file at the end append cd /Didj ./

it should boot in emu but dont press the home button since it close the emu and no way to restart it back :D

-- what if it says 'permission denied' when the script runs? I tried editing rcS and also adding a file to the startup scripts (I think in /etc/rc.d if the filename starts with S). This may be because I put the emulator in the wrong directory, but if I put it anywhere other than in /Didj, it isn't read/write so the games don't save.

--JulsPower add mount remount, rw / to your rcS file

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