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chrt -i 0108:01, 30 November 2015

Why would you want to use chrt this way together with -j 8? I assume you use -j 8 to speed up the compilation process but at the same time you give that process the least priority possible so basically any other process gets priority and thus slows down the compilation process. Seems kind of contradictory to me ;)

10:42, 13 September 2015

Hi there!

Actually, it is not contradictory. It will use all of my 8 cores but won't affect my user experience on my Linux Desktop laptop.

Let's say I use in average 10% of my operating system, there's 90% sitting idle.

chrt -i 0 plus -j 8 will make a full use of my system and I'll keep working without performance harmed by the compilation underway.

08:01, 30 November 2015