Debian Install to eMMC w/LVM implemented

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Well, I got the BBB up and running with Debian installed on the eMMC. I typically work with Raspberry Pi, so have never been bothered by space constraints as everything resides on the SD card. I too believe Angstrom is useless and am glad for alternative options.

In order to be able to use both the eMMC as the primary boot location for Debian, it would be nice to be able to seamlessly expand that small amount of storage by adding the microSD contents to the file system with reckless abandon. I have not tried this with the RPi yet, but can see that I need to.

I am trying to use both RPi and BBB as I would a real computer, and not just as dismissively referred to as an embedded system. These are real computers that will just continue to become more powerful. I have a small, primitive web site running at It is running on a single RPi and has not crashed yet.

Can someone help or council me on the LVM desire/need for implementing this LVM idea on these tiny devices?

11:47, 1 December 2013

Best to post to the public list.

Not really sure why you'd want to run LVM. I expect you run it just the same as any other Linux system.

17:35, 4 December 2013