restore: No space left on device

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with some BBB's we have no problem restoring an older angstrom image with dd (Angstrom image uncompressed is 2.1GB) . Image was creating with dd from running system.However,, anyone know why even using this script that some fail with "dd: writing '/dev/mmcblk1': No space left on device" . Yes, the image is compressed as well. Is the only option to recreate the iamge and bring the image down to < 2 GB ? Its just odd that it restores the image on some devices w/out issue.

04:39, 20 February 2015

You need to try to keep the format of the eMMC under 2GB to make sure you can replicate it. As long as that is true, the error should be harmless.

06:08, 12 March 2015