GUI installation issues.

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So I followed the guide to the letter, I have since upgraded to openSuSE13.2 which is just 1 step above what is offered in this guide, to see if the following issue could be resolved, and im having no luck. Once the OS is installed on the Jetson TK1 board, i get a command prompt, first boot i setup the basic info (root password, username, etc..), then reboot, once completed I go back to yast, setup networking, and reboot. At this point i have functional system without a GUI, I then install sudo, and once I have that I proceed to the GUI installation.

I follow all the isntructions, exactly, also replacing/fixing the file, and reboot and the system boots as normal, and at the end goes to load the X Window Manager and all i get is a black screen with what looks like a "dos cursor" in the upper left but its not blinking or anything, and the system just sits there. I can still login via SSH and work on it, however I have no UI whatso ever. I would like to have KDE4 running on this if possible, does ANYONE have any ideas on how to get this done?

12:12, 29 November 2015