Factory refresh / wipe of Jetson TK1

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I noticed the wiki has a link to NVIDIA for the reflash/wipe instructions. However, those instructions are woefully inadequate and send noobs on a wild goose chase for information on how to actually do it. I would suggest creating a page here which organizes and simplifies the step-by-step instructions (including the setup of a virtual machine or host linux machine). IMHO, if you're not breaking (and bricking) things then your not learning! Therefore, wiping the board clean and starting from scratch is one of the first things people should learn how to do. I'd be happy to contribute what I've found and learned so far as a starting point for this much needed "how-to" guide.

03:47, 5 August 2016

Sorry for not noticing this message. If you can contribute that page then yes it would be great!

20:41, 7 September 2016