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It's true that Wiki and forums are different mediums, suited to different types of content. That's why I moved your question + request onto something suited for discussion like this Talk page or the DevTalk forum or on the Google+ community for general discussion), rather than a Wiki page that is supposed to be showing encyclopedia-style information, not questions or requests from users. If you want to add a section to the wiki about Jetson TK1 related magazines and you just say that no magazine currently exists, then that would make sense on a Wiki, but posting a complaining question onto a Wiki is not the correct method.

I regularly maintain this Wiki to make sure the content is fairly consistent and good quality, hence why I moved your question + request to the talk section. If I knew which user you were on DevTalk I would have moved it to the DevTalk forum so others can comment (eg: maybe a user actually does want to start working on a Jetson TK1 or Tegra magazine), but I wasn't sure if you use DevTalk so I posted it here instead since you obviously do read this Wiki.

07:19, 8 August 2014