Mini-PCIe: Half vs. Full

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Under hardware features / mini-PCIe, there are several links to products which are Full length (50.95mm) expansion cards, and will not directly screw onto the board, since it's mounting holes are for half-length (26.8mm) cards. There does exist 1 adapter/riser that should allow full-length cards, at additional cost. Propose to split adapter list to emphasize which would require an adapter (different sub bullet point). Or perhaps only hyperlink to cards that have been tested and known to work?

05:10, 3 August 2014

Thanks for the info Spawnflagger, I wasn't aware of this when I wrote those links. Actually none of the cards I linked to have been tested on Jetson TK1, I only know that at NVIDIA they tested a few mini-PCIe cards and those did work but I don't know what cards they actually tested. So I just did a search of various mini-PCIe cards and posted links to them.

I'll move the links to a separate page "" with the info you posted here, and keep full-height and half-height mini-PCIe cards in separate sections. If you end up finding other useful half-height mini-PCIe cards, feel free to add it to that page, mentioning "(untested)" or "(tested)" if you do actually test one. (Note that some devices will need kernel or firmware driver support before it works).

13:34, 3 August 2014

Thanks Shervin. I will be getting a Jetson TK1 soon, and have also ordered a Syba half-mini PCIe Gigabit NIC (Realtek based). I'll report back to confirm/deny that it works. The full-card to half-slot adapter/riser I mentioned is this MM3U+DB3U (untested).

23:39, 3 August 2014