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Here are some miscellaneous ideas for content for the DT guide, and random other material as well:

  • Overview
  • Tools
    • compiler
    • schema checker
  • Initialization
  • Syntax
    • properties
    • basic types: strings, u32s, arrays
    • #<foo>-cells
    • <foo>-names
    • phandles
    • arguments
  • Conventions
    • when to use vendor qualifier
  • Debugging
  • API
  • Resources
    • Tutorials
    • papers, presentations and articles

Some specific questions (from Device-tree documentation project)

1. What is a phandle? How is it used? What rules are there for defining them? For referencing them?

2. How are #foo-cells used?

3. What are the rules for naming attributes? when should vendor qualifiers be used and when not?

4. How does device-tree interact with device instantiation - when is the device node created?, who creates it, when is the initcall called? when is the probe function called?

5. How does device-tree interact with platform/bus instantiation? Do buses instantiate their children device nodes, or does the probe routine do this?

6. what is the kernel API for interacting with device-tree? What things are parsed automatically, vs. require manual (coded) parsing?

13:00, 12 May 2015


  • Accessing DT info
  • Tools
    • many, many more:
    • diff
    • config from .dtc
    • create overlay from diff
    • decompile (already in dtc compiler)
    • grep
    • utils from the dtc (compiler) git repository
      • fdtdump
      • fdtget
      • fdtput
  • How to make a driver more debug-able
  • glossary / definitions
  • device creation and driver binding ordering dependencies
  • Future work in the pipeline (current state, direction, etc)
    • overlays
    • schema validation
    • static boot ordering to reduce delays due to dependencies
13:18, 12 May 2015