Documentation on how to develop an specific application on R-CAR M3.

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I recently acquire a Renesas R Car M3 board which runs on an embedded linux image build by means of the Yocto project. Currently we are using YOCTO 3.9.0.

By doing a research on the web I find out that there is almost no information regarding the use of the board. The page is the place where I have found documentation about this board but still it is not enough.

We are interested on doing the following:

Running ROS kinetic libraries on this board.

Developing a very simple HMI.

Using the CAN BUS for data transmission.

Do you know where can I find guidance with respect to this topics?

22:33, 22 February 2019

H3/M3 Starter Kit doesn't have a CAN connector.

Do the following pages help you?

01:35, 17 April 2019