Purging...please explain the math

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Hi, With regard to Purging, can someone explain the math, in the documentation?


The scheduler has facilities for removing old files automatically. There are two mechanisms which are both checked and used at each Management_Interval. First the 3 PURGE_HOURS (one per file type) are checked and any file older than this is removed. So if PurgeVideo_Hours is set to 98 then any video captured more than a week ago will be removed. Setting the values to 0 disables this .

  • How is the PurgeVideo Hours implemented?
  • is it 98 total video hours?
  • or example above, is it 7 days * 24 = 168 hours...but 168 hours is significantly more than 98 hours. I don't understand the above statement if a video captured more than a week ago, with the variable set to 98....Wouldn't it be set to 168?

Thanks for the help!

21:34, 19 November 2017