Fix extension and update them.

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I've installed Scribunto but haven't tested it yet. I've installed the Echo extension. And wikieditor works for me. Try clearing your cache before editing a page, as sometime wikieditor won't show up.

SimpleAntiSpam is already installed.

LocalizationUpdates is installed now.

You'll have to give me some time to finish upgrading the other extensions.


07:35, 12 May 2014

Thankyou could you uninstall simpleantispam due to it being discontinued and is now in the core of Mediawiki

07:38, 12 May 2014

Thanks for the pointer. It's uninstalled now.

07:41, 12 May 2014


07:41, 12 May 2014

All extensions are now up to date.

09:29, 12 May 2014


09:58, 12 May 2014