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ttc is a program for manipulating targets from a host. It provides similar functionality to TCF in eclipse or adb in Android. With this tool you can build software for a particular target, install it on the target, reboot the target, and otherwise control operation of the target.

The name "ttc" originally comes from "Tim's target control". It was originally named just "target", and then "tc", but both of those had name collisions with already-existing tools.


Current Version:

Older versions

Miscelaneous Release Notes

The tar file available for download (at least as of version 1.2.3) contains the actual 'ttc' program itself as well as some sample helper scripts and some ttc.conf examples. ttc.conf.sample2 includes some samples of configuration inheritance, which is useful for working with the same board, but with different kernels or configuration settings.


The ttc usage manual is here: Ttc Program Usage Guide