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Objective I am ready to take the challenges and want a career that is excitingly rewarding. Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities that offers professional growth while being resourceful and innovative.

Academic Profile Post-Graduation (2011-12) Post-Graduate Diploma

                                                    Embedded System & VLSI Design                                 
                                                    CDAC, NOIDA
                                                               Grade Secured: A+ 

Graduation ( 2007-11) B.Tech Electronics & Communication

                                                    CET- IILM-AHL (UPTU,Lucknow)
                                                    Grade Secured: - 65.0%

10+2 (2006-2007) City Montessori School,Lko

                                     Grade Secured: - 88.0%
10 (2004-2005)                               La-Martiniere College, Lko
                                                   Grade Secured: - 88.2%

• Google Summer of Code Fellowship under CERN( European Organization for Nuclear Research) of $5000 for designing a customized Linux file system driver. • Consulting Development Center Fellowship- Developed a software application “Engineering Counseling Software” for Consulting Development Center, New delhi of DSIR, of Rs.10000. • All India Rank 328 in National Talent Search Examination 2003

Technical profile  Application Programming : C/ C++, Embedded C, Device Drivers.  Automation & Scripting : Perl , Python and Bash Shell  System Programming  : Linux-Internals & Device Driver, GDB.  Web Technologies  : Javascript, HTML and CSS.  Operating System  : Linux-Red Hat(6.0) ,Ubuntu(12.4), Android.  Microcontroller  : 8051, AVR(AT Mega32), ARM(LPC 1768)  Management Tools  : GIT, SVN.

FOSS(Free Open Source Software) CONTRIBUTION


PROJECT: BOSS-MOOL- A Joint Initiative of DOS Lab IIT Madras and CDAC Chennai

ROLE: (Developer, community support)

GUIDE: Prof. D. Janakiram

Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux(MOOL) project aims at redesigning the existing linux kernel with minimal set of core OO components. MOOL provides Object Oriented wrappers for core Linux kernel in C++. These wrappers support the development of kernel modules in an OO fashion.

In GNU/LINUX operating system, support for the Indian text processing is being implemented. The application programming would be simpler if the application can inherit support from the drivers. For this, OOPS is being implemented in the kernel drivers. The displayed shapes for any script is from the glyphs in a font. Kernel, at present, supports 1:1 mapping of glyphs and characters but for Indian scripts 1: Many mapping has to be implemented.

PROJECT: HEPunion filesystem implementation as Linux module

ROLE: (Developer)

GUIDE: Pierre Schweitzer

At CERN LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty), in order to reconstitute and filter events, a huge computing facility is required (currently ~1500 nodes). This computing farm, runs SLC (Scientific Linux CERN), a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) derivate. All these computing nodes get their operating system (Linux) from some dedicated servers. Each node act as diskless nodes

The aim of this project is to adapt and extend union file system as a proper Linux module to address the requirements of a a huge computing facility, in our case which is LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty) at CERN. -The principle of the file system union is to join several file systems, at least one read-only (generally) and one read-write and use that union as a normal Linux file system.