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Bringing 20 years of Embedded System experience to solving customer problems. I am available for short or long term projects over the full product life cycle from proof of concept, through board bring up and build system configuration all the way to reproducing and solving bugs in the field.

These projects have all been completed in the last year on an on-demand basis to meet the customer’s schedule. The workload varying from 1 to 5 days a week depending upon the project needs at that time. - Provided Bluetooth system expertise to enable a customer to develop a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensor network. The client focused on the integration of the sensors in each sensor node and the analysis of the data in the cloud. I provided a Linux based gateway solution and GATT based Bluetooth Low Energy implementation to get this sensor data to the cloud. - Developed a Yocto build based minimal filesystem including encrypted filesystem for IP protection. This enabled client to focus on their core IP. - Research project into the impact of Virtualisation or Containerisation on the performance of Real-Time Linux on multicore ARM processors (2 x A15 and 4 x A53). The Real Time performance was measured in terms of standard timer latency using cyclictest and a customised variant to measure Inter-Processor Communication to other Cortex-A cores and the integrated Cortex-R cores. - Developed an optimised clean-room implementation to transcode an H.264 stream into a fragmented H.264 stream.

Technical areas of expertise are: - Linux on Sitara, i.Mx and Ultrascale+ - Yocto build system and Petalinux for Ultrascale+ - Simplelink Wireless Microcontrollers (CCxxxx) - DSP offload in heterogenous processors - Wireless Sensor Gateways including MQTT communication with server. - Virtualisation on embedded Linux systems with Docker, Xen and Jailhouse - Software getting started guides for semiconductor companies - bringing together experience as a developer and as a technical writer.