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We’re a small research lab, but with lots and lots of potential in research areas including Android, Robotics, Integrating them both, Arduino, Embedded Systems, RTOS, VLSI, Cheaper and Affordable Electronics, OpenSource Dev, Philanthrophing, Sustainable Energy, 3D Motion Gestures etc etc etc. Huff…!!!

And on the ‘softer’ side, we’re also into Java, Google Web Toolkit, Windows Phone, HTML5, bit of PHP, Python (learning it now), .Net, JavaScript, Shell (plash – that’s our new shell, potentiallabs shell)

Yeah, we’re like mad mad tinkerers, playing with gadgets, controllers, components, boards and love to get hands-on every new technology.

For any information or for technical assistance with your projects, please mail us at info {at} or use the Contact Us form. Our research lab is based out of Hyderabad, India. If you ain't in Hyderabad, you can still mail us and we can meet online and discuss those amazing stuff you got there.