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Kaliber Imaging is using BeagleBoardXM, Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES in the development of a motion analysis system.

My base distribution is Linaro-Ubuntu Developer for BeagleBoard and Pandaboard.

Added LXDE X11 desktop environment. LXDE proved to still be glitchy. For example, it locked on occassion and saturated cpu cycles. The default browser Chromium uses too many resources for the omap processors.

I would like to have used Enlightenment because it uses so few resources (68MB/266MHz) and for native development, the desktop requirements are minimal. I ended up with XFCE4 (192MB/300MHz)...for now. Unity and Gnome use more resources than are available on an OMAP.

Using Geany as the IDE. I compiled helloWorld.c with it and couldn't execute. However, I could when I compiled on the command line. I will have to adjust the settings on Geany to accomodate this.

I had problems downloading the material with git. Since I did not need to use it in a git archive, I just downloaded it as a zip (an option on the github page menu).

The installation process for bitbake is complicated considering it is a package in ubuntu-lanaro and can be installed with

  1. sudo apt-get install bitbake

I installed the Synaptic package manager. It makes keeping track of what is and is not installed easier than the command line. Aptitude is a little better than apt-get.

I have the recommended text and have worked through to having started the GPIO unit.