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Hi folks. I'm a *nix fanboy from England. Used to play with Acorns at school, then moved on to Amigas in my teens and now in to most things Linux. Have a big interest in computer history (especially OS genealogy) and am often called a hive of useless knowledge. I know nobody here will accuse that knowledge of being useless though ;)

At the moment I'm hyped up on the Raspberry Pi project (£16 computer) and can't wait to get a load of them to do evil things. I'm going to try and get RISC iX working on one. RISC iX is a very, very little known OS developed by Acorn Computers to replace Arthur on the Acorn Archimedes range. Based on 4.3BSD and compiled for the ARM architecture (ARM were an Acorn Computers division before the formed a separate entity), I fully expect it to be easily compatible and I'm excited to try. It seems almost poetic to come full circle with a historic OS developed by Acorn to run on Acorn's ARM architecture.

However my favourite CPU is the 65c02 of course!