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Linux programmer for 20 years. New to embedded devices but super interested in Linux development for latest ARM processors. Enjoy compiling and building applications. Especially like the Qt Framework and C++. I am semi-retired. Live in China 6 months out of the year. Work in the USA 6 months, Insurance related. Last project was developing the Hiteg6410 (Samsung 64XX SoC). Built the latest Kernel 3.6.6 with DirectFB and Qt Core frameworks installed. Just bought the new Pandaboard ES. Primary goal is to "roll-my-own" Kernel and U-boot configuration. I like the "initramfs" idea of a single Kernel Image booting to RAM from a SD/MMC card. The Pandaboard A-9 specs and board configurations seem to be perfect for me. I should receive the new Pandaboard in a few days. Joining the eLinux Community to see what others have done with the TI products. Cheers, Bob Campbell