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Ideas on how to design a cape to use with the BeagleBone Black so as to make it easier to learn about various interfaces. The Bacon_Cape is an excellent way to learn basic programming with the BeagleBone Black. The Bacon_Cape coupled with the Userspace_Arduino project really makes it easy to get started with GPIO, PWM, ADC and of course the USR LED's on the BeagleBone Black. But the BeagleBone Black has many more features like SPI, I2C,Timers, CAN, Serial, etc that need to be documented similarly, with examples and hardware to get started with. Since it is a cape, it will have an onboard EEPROM which will help to correctly load the requisite pins for use with the cape. The idea here is to have a *single* cape which makes it very easy to connect IC's supporting the following protocols:


  • BBB has 2 I2C ports (I2C0 and I2C1). I2C0 is multiplexed with SPI0, so cannot be used. I2C1 is available on P9_19 and P9_20


  • BBB has 2 SPI ports (SPI0 and SPI1). SPI1 is used in one of the virtual capes, and is not available to the user by default.
  • SPI requires 4 wires at the least. Multiple SPI enabled devices can be connected. Each new device will require only one additional line.
  • 3 SPI0 pins (spi0_d0, spi0_d1, spi0_sclk) will be available on the cape along with a few GPIO pins including spi0_cs0 to enable the use of multiple SPI devices with the Black,


  • BBB has 1 CAN port
  • Capes available CANBus


  • BBB has 3 Serial ports.