Wheezy and the ssh client

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All of the following assumes you are using Wheezy Ok so I am a command line junkie and I don't think putty installs by default but if you go to command line and type the following. You can do this from terminal if you have your X Window autostart

sudo apt-get update
sudoapt-get upgrade

Depending on how long ago our image was created the time for this to run varies (mine took ages)this just makes sure your up to date


sudo apt-get install putty

after this go to your X-Window


Ok so now you go to the LXDE icon bottom left of the screen the grey bana skin that goes blue when you hover over it click then hover over internet and choose PuTTY SSH Client from the sub menu.

When the window pops up its a standard putty window there's loads of help on line but you need to know th IP address of the host target server.

Type a name in the Saved Sessions box and save it will save you time later then click open.

A first time login will give you a warning box don't worry this is normal just accept and you will have a SSH session window open ready to login.