YPS 2021.11 Presentations

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The 2021.11 edition of The Yocto Project Summit (YPS2021.11).

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Beginners Tutorial (Nov 30, 2021)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
part 1 Behan Webster PDF Part1 Part2
part 2 Tom King Part1 Part2

Hands-On Classes (Nov 30, 2021)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
devtool Saul Wold PDF
Debugging on Yocto Project based systems Sergio Prado PDF
Linux Kernel Lab Tim Orling PDF


Day 1 (Dec 1, 2021)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Welcome Trevor Woerner, Nicolas Dechesne PDF Video
A/B Linux updates with RAUC and meta-rauc-community: now & in the future Leon Anavi PDF Video
An Overview of the Hash Equivalence & PR Services Paul Barker PDF Video
Embedded Linux on CM4 Carrier Boards, X86 and STM32 Boards with Yocto Project Lakshantha Dissanayake PDF Video
CI/CD With Zuul and Kubernetes Joshua Watt PDF Video
Jami in yocto and on i.MX6 Kévin L'Hôpital PDF Video
Yocto Project lore: New mailing list tools Paul Barker PDF Video
why and how to use clang compiler with Yocto Project Khem Raj PDF Video
Phosh: A GNOME based Wayland shell and compositor Tim Orling PDF Video
deploying a K3S cluster with meta-virtualization Bruce Ashfield PDF Video

Day 2 (Dec 2, 2021)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Getting started with meta-selinux - enhancing system security on QEMU Tomasz Żyjewski PDF Video
Having a Yocto in your browser Josef Holzmayr PDF Video
A brief history of OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project Philip Balister PDF Video
meta-flatpak: Flatpak in Yocto, Yocto in Flatpak Sam Thursfield PDF Video
Using Yocto to Secure Your Device: From Development to Production Kevin Chau PDF Video
Using linux-yocto + yocto kernel tools to create and maintain a BSP Bruce Ashfield PDF Video
Remote access to IoT devices: Common needs and approaches Eystein Stenberg PDF Video