YPS 2023.11 Presentations

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The 2023.11 edition of The Yocto Project Summit (yps2023.11).

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Beginners Tutorial (Nov 28, 2023)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
part 1 Behan Webster Slides
part 2 Tom King

Hands-on track (Nov. 28, 2023)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Hands-on Setup David Reyna PDF
Layer Organisation 101 - Live Coding Josef Holzmayr PDF [ Video]
Keep It Clean: QA Automation with Linters from Yocto Konrad Weihmann PDF [ Video]
Devtool Hands-On David Reyna PDF [ Video]
User Space Hands-On Class - Embedded Containers Rudolf Streif PDF [ Video]


Day 1 (Nov 29, 2023)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Opening Keynote Andrew Wafaa Slides [ Video]
Generic ARM64 for Yocto Project HW Reference Ross Burton and Bill Mills Slides [ Video]
Dealing with UEFI Secure Boot Support using Yocto Project Tomasz Żyjewski Slides [ Video]
Elevating Product Quality with Automated Testing Pierre Gal Slides [ Video]
Keep Your Layer Simple -- And Here's How Luca Ceresoli Slides [ Video]
Building a Yocto CI Pipeline with KAS, GitHub Actions and AWS - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Anna-Lena Marx Slides [ Video]
Multi-OS Gathering on the Same SoC with Yocto Damien Hackett Slides Video
The New devtool IDE Plugin Adrian Freihofer Slides [ Video]
VSCode IDE Integration – New Developer Tooling Enguerrand de Ribaucourt, Mohammed Raza, Io Andes Daza-Dillon, and Ziwei Wang Slides [ Video]
Getting Started with Gen-Machine-Conf Sandeep Gundlupet Raju Slides [ Video]
Reducing Yocto Build Time Through Shared sstate-cache Optimization Fernando Luiz Cola Slides [ Video]
Hash Equivalence at Scale Joshua Watt Slides [ Video]
How Big of a Problem Are Un-upstreamed Patches? Jon Mason Slides [ Video]
How I Used Yocto for an ELC 2022 Talk and Demo Karthik Poduval Slides [ Video]

Day 2 (Nov 30, 2023)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
The LF Energy Seapath Project, A Yocto Use Case For A Software-Defined Architecture to Virtualize Power System Substations Erwann Roussy Slides [ Video]
How to Contribute to OpenEmbedded, Yocto, and Many Other Open Source Projects Michael Opdenacker Slides [ Video]
How to Submit a CVE fix to the Yocto Project? Marta Rybczynska Slides [ Video]
The Ultimate Yocto Introduction Talel Belhajsalem Slides [ Video]
Yocto Project Security: Now and the Future Marta Rybczynska Slides [ Video]
Integrating VNC in Weston with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Leon Anavi Slides [ Video]
Embedded Runtime Security with Pulsar Giovanni Alberto Falcione Slides [ Video]
Configuring and Building meta-ros for KR260 Sandeep Gundlupet Raju Slides [ Video]
FIDO Device Onboarding: Late-binding Provisioning & Tales from the Trenches of Bleeding Edge Tech Tymek Burak Slides [ Video]
CVE Triage, CVE Checker Analysis, and “vendor_pr” for CVE Scanners David Reyna Slides [ Video]
Yocto Reference Kernel Status Update Bruce Ashfield Slides [ Video]