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ZipIt wireless IM device


  • Cirrus EP7312
  • 2M flash - MX 29LV160ATxBC-70
  • 16M SDRAM - Hynix HY5V26D
  • 320x240x4 LCD (grayscale)
  • Agere WiFi chip - WL600114LY (basically "WL60011", a Wavelan Hermes-II)
  • Wolfson Micro WM8751L Stereo DAC


Source Code

Serial Port Access

  • ground on GND
  • debug on DBG
  • RxD1 on left side of R121
  • RxD2 on right side of R122
  • TxD2 on unlabeled point near midpoint from R42 and R53
  • TxD1 is not available
  • you will need a level shifter circuit with something like the MAX233A or MAX233 to convert to to rs232 signal levels.

How to find the Firmware Version

<to be supplied>

What's in ROM

From Zipit Pet's post on the subscriber only Yahoo group:

Updated to 1.16 version

The ZipIt device has 2MB or Flash ROM and 16MB of RAM

The Flash ROM contains a small boot loader, a zImage compressed Linux kernel and gzip compressed ramdisk. These get expanded to RAM when the device boots. At the end of the Flash ROM is a small area where settings are saved (eg: passwords, SSIDs etc).

Flash ROM Memory Map: (version 1.16)

00000000 boot loader (no GPL source)
00002000 start of kernel zImage compressed bootloader
000045B0+- start of gzipped Linux data (inside zImage)
00090000 start of gzipped Linux ramdisk image (over 4MB expanded)
001F0000 Flash stored properties -- "Aer Media Properties"
001FFFFF end of Flash ROM (2MB)


The linux kernel build string is:

Linux version 2.4.21-rmk1 (root@sambaman) (gcc version 3.2) #15 Wed Apr 21 16:01:33 UTC 2004

Most components were built a long time ago (2002 or 2003). Not customized for the ZipIt.

in /lib/modules are a few dynamic loaded modules:

  • audiodrv.o [audio, not GPL],
  • wlags49_h25_cs.o [[[WiFi]], GPL]

init script

The brief init script, /sbin/init

[a bunch of echo statements]
/bin/mount /proc
/sbin/ifconfig lo
insmod /lib/modules/audiodrv.o

cd /usr/bin
/bin/ash &

ramdisk - custom app "Zipit"

The /usr/bin/Zipit app is ~1.6MB program that has all the goodies in it. It uses a number of support files for the user interface

  • Sounds are in standard WAV format (/usr/bin/Sounds)
  • Images are in standard BMP format (/usr/bin/GUI)
  • The user interface is stored in .SDF data files for the different pages (/usr/bin/SDFs) Looks like a proprietary format
  • The string "insmod /lib/modules/wlags49_h25.o" is buried inside /usr/bin/Zipit

Release history

A URL for a checking/getting a release looks like: <- with different numbers on the end.

Tim Riker only has partial info, but wishes we kept track so here's a start:

version filename date md5 comments
1.99 bootrom.9IU7Y6TDK.bin 20041015 4776E21028E8BF6B6817D8CACC8FA360 00000000.txt
1.99 bootrom.4D02IZ8E.bin 20050214 934A1B789ACE66F6B24116964C3C604B 00000000.txt
t2.1.0 bootrom.t2.1.0.bin ? ? ?
t2.1.01 bootrom.t2.1.01.bin ? ? ?
t2.1.04 bootrom.t2.1.04.bin ? ? ?
t2.1.05 bootrom.t2.1.05.bin ? ? ?
t2.1.06 bootrom.t2.1.06.bin ? ? ?
t2.1.08 bootrom.t2.1.08.bin ? ? ?
1.0 bootrom.t3.1.0.bin ? ? ?
1.03 bootrom.t3.1.03.bin ? ? ?
1.04 bootrom.t3.1.04.bin ? ? ?
1.05 bootrom.t3.1.05.bin ? ? ?
1.06 bootrom.t3.1.06.bin ? ? ?
1.08 bootrom.t3.1.08.bin 20041224 AB2178653406C18908E20FA40E15B391 ?
1.12 bootrom.P4A85DK4.bin 20050111 7AFF3A1AD8B036C95FAFCD07E64F6171 ?
1.16 bootrom.4D02IZ8E.bin 20050214 934A1B789ACE66F6B24116964C3C604B Yahoo messenger, shoutout
1.21 bootrom.4KD8G8NA.bin 20050321 609BDD07C8169305A2550A3010D658F2 more Yahoo fixes
1.22 bootrom.S73HS0O1.bin 20050825 9146A4C0D370EB0524838E7B06AED343 ?