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** Tim Bird
** Tim Bird
** Hisao Munakata
** Hisao Munakata
** Greg Ungerer
* From Google:
* From Google:
** Erik Gilling
** Erik Gilling

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Here is information about the Android discussion Birds-of-a-Feather meeting at Android Builders Summit

The meeting will be held during lunch time at the Hotel Kabuki, during the lunch break of ABS.


  • Date: Thursday, April 14
  • Time: 12:00
  • Place: Kosukura Room at the Hotel Kabuki, 1625 Post Street, San Francisco

The Kosakura room is on the Lobby level of the hotel. It is a small meeting room just west of the Sakura event rooms. (From the lobby, go south towards the event area, up the half-flight of stairs, and the Kosakura room will be on your right.)

Lunch will be served.


This will be a private meeting, with the following people in attendance:

  • From CELF:
    • Tim Bird
    • Hisao Munakata
    • Greg Ungerer
  • From Google:
    • Erik Gilling
    • (mabye a few more people, unconfirmed yet)
  • From Linaro:
    • David Rusling
    • John Stultz
    • Jesse Barker
  • From Qualcomm
    • Bryan Huntsman


The main agenda is a discussion of technologies that would make sense to mainline, in the short term, and strategies for accomplishing it.

  • CELF contract work status
    • status of YAFFS2 mainline effort
    • CELF project proposals
    • possible project funding for small stuff (logcat, fastboot ubiquity, adb uptake, LTTng)
  • Linaro status
    • update on Linaro general status
    • Things Linaro plans to do related to Android
  • Google mainline effort report
  • Qualcomm issues
    • PMEM - unified memory management?
  • meta-issues
    • handling community expectations and reactions
    • avoiding distracting product developers
    • issues with proxy contributions