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* Coprocessor interface
* Coprocessor interface
* [[JTAG]] interface unit
* [[JTAG]] interface unit
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ARM 32-bit RISC core with 16-bit system costs

The ARM7TDMI core is a 32-bit embedded RISC processor delivered as a hard macrocell optimized to provide the best combination of performance, power and area characteristics. The ARM7TDMI core enables system designers to build embedded devices requiring small size, low power and high performance.

The ARM7 family also includes the ARM7TDMI-S and ARM7EJ-S cores and the ARM720T macrocell, each of which has been developed to address different market requirements.

The ARM7TDMI core is available via the ARM Foundry Program


  • Personal audio (MP3, WMA, AAC players)
  • Entry level wireless handset
  • Pager
  • Ink-jet/bubble-jet printer
  • Digital still camera


  • 32/16-bit RISC architecture (ARM v4T)
  • 32-bit ARM instruction set for maximum performance and flexibility
  • 16-bit Thumb instruction set for increased code density
  • Unified bus interface, 32-bit data bus carries both instructions and data
  • Three-stage pipeline
  • 32-bit ALU
  • Very small die size and low power consumption
  • Fully static operation
  • Coprocessor interface
  • JTAG interface unit