ARM Integrator

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Integrator Compact Platform

The Real View® Integrator(TM) Compact Platform operates in conjunction with a Core Module to provide a fully integrated development platform. The Core Module FPGA implements a set of ARM PrimeCell® Peripherals and memory controllers. The PrimeCell Peripherals make use of the drivers and connectors on the Compact Platform baseboard; these include LCD and touch screen connectors, VGA connector, Multi-Media Card (MMC) interface and an audio codec interface. Ethernet connectivity is provided by a dedicated interface chip. Expansion to Logic Modules and Logic Tiles is through an AMBA AHB-Lite system bus.

  • The Integrator/AP is a basic board with two UART ports, timer, RTC and NOR Flash
  • The Integrator/CP can be extended to support user created IP, using standard Integrator Logic Tiles, in conjunction with an IM-LT1 Interface, or using Logic Modules.

Integrator/CP is compatible with the following Integrator Core Modules: ARM920T, ARM922T-XA10, ARM926EJ-S, ARM946E-S and ARM966E-S, ARM1026EJ-S and ARM1136J(F)-S. See the following link Integrator Core Modules for a more complete description of the board and processors.

The Integrator platforms are no longer officially supported by ARM Ltd.

Boot Loader

U-boot contains support for this board. To compile U-Boot from CVS sources you can use the following commands:

*make integratorcp_config

The resulting executable can then be loaded on the board using a debugger to be run from the bootMonitor. The following page Prebuilt downloads contains some information on compiling and running Linux for this board.