ARM RealView

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ARM Ltd. RealView is a blanket name for development packages from ARM including for example the "RealView Developer Suite" (RVDS) which includes a compiler. However to most developers the RealView is synonymous with an evaluation board which has it's machine set-up available in the kernel arch/arm/mach-realview.

The RealView siblings are:

  • ARM Integrator also named "RealView Integrator" boards are the oldest
  • ARM Versatile also named "RealView Versatile" is middle-age and supports ARM9 CPUs
  • ARM RealView- the machine configurations named simply RealView are the newest ones supporting ARM11 and Cortex A8/A9 (CPUv6,CPUv7) CPUs

These all have own machine entries in the ARM arch kernel tree.

All these boards come in a black square box with PCI card slots, and support using PCI peripherals and e.g. a PS2 keyboard and mouse so they can more or less be used as desktop computers if so desired.

However RealView boards are quite expensive and few people can afford them, while they are still the preferred choice for companies wanting to work with the very latest ARM cores.