Adafruit: 8x8 Blue LED Matrix Panel

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This Mini Project dealt with using Adafruit's 8x8 Blue LED Matrix. The source code they provided is written for Arduino. However, I am using the Beagle Bone instead. Luckily, Dr. Yoder has provided an example program called matrixLEDi2c.c that interfaces the Beagle. You can download or observe his source code here: Dr. Yoder's github repository. I editted this code to retain most of Dr. Yoder's original code, plus I added a design of my own. You can download my updated version from jungeml's github repository.

Inputs and Outputs

The LED Matrix uses an i2c port. Here is the hardware configuration of the Beagle Bone as shown below. Wire up the LED Maxtri to the Beagle by attaching the Vdd to the 3.3V + bus, the GND to the - bus and SDA to SDA (pin 20) and SCLK to SCL (pin 19). You will also need to attach two pull-up resistors. Get two 4.7KΩ resistors. Attach one between SDA and Vdd. Attach the other between SCL and Vdd.

Bone gpio.JPG BoneGPIO.png