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Bootup Time

  • Bootchart lite (lightning talk) – Shuuji Miyake (JJ16)
  • Parallelizing Linux boot on CE Devices - Vitaly Wool (ELCE07)
  • Evaluation and improvement of Bootchart - K. Yasui (JJ18)
  • TP TimeMeasure, A tool to masure application software startup time - Yoichi Yuasa (JJ19)
  • Instant Startup for Application Using Reducing Relocation Time and Rearrange Function - Min-Chan Kim (ELC08)
  • Fast Booting of Embedded Linux - Ho-Jun Park (KTJ3) download pdf download demo


  • WebKit on Linux and How It Compares to Other Open Source Engines - Holger Freyther (ELCE07)
  • Embedding a Mozilla Based Browser - Sampo Nurmentaus (ELCE07)


  • The PokyLinux Distribution: Mobile GNOME at Your Fingertips - Dodji Seketeli (ELCE07)
  • Maemo Mobile Linux Platform, Current Status and Future Directions – Kate Alhola (ELC08)
  • Roll-Your-Own Linux the Easy Way with LTIB – Stuart Hughes (ELC08)
  • Building Custom Embedded Linux Distributions (using OpenEmbedded) – Matt Locke (ELC08)
  • UME - Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded - David Mandala (ELC08)

File Systems

  • JFFS2/YAFFS explanation and comparison of mounting time - K. Yano (JJ17)
  • Improving JFFS2 RAM Usage and Performance - Alexey Korolev (ELCE07)
  • Introduction to LogFS - Jörn Engel (ELCE07)
  • YAFFS - Wookey (ELCE07)
  • The Comparison of Flash File system performace - JFFS2, YAFFS, LogFS - Katsuki Uwatoko (JJ19)
  • AXFS: Architecture and Results – Jared Hulbert (ELC08)
  • Filesystem Support on Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash in Open Source - Kyungmin Park (ELC08)


  • Writing DirectFB gfxdriver For Your Embedded System - Takanari Hayama (ELCE07)
  • DirectFB Internals - Things You Need to Know to Write Your DirectFB gfxdriver - Takanari Hayama (ELC08)
  • Adding Framebuffer support for Freescale SoCs - York Sun (ELC08)
  • Gstreamer and OpenMAX IL: plug and play - Felipe Contreras (ELC08)

Memory Management

  • Asymmetric NUMA: Multiple-Memory Management For The Rest of Us – Paul Mundt (ELCE07, JJ19)
  • Implementation of Memory management method for embedded systems using CABI - Miyake (JJ18)
  • Swap usage in embedded system (Korean) - Seung-Ho Park (KTJ2) download pps
  • Avoiding Out-Of-Memory on Embedded Linux Young-Joon Jang (KTJ2, ELC08) download pdf
  • Dependable Memory management system for Embedded Linux (Japanese) - Yamamoto (JJ20)

Mobile Phone

  • Development of Mobile Linux Open Platform (Android) - Junji Kondo (JJ18, ELC08)

Power Management

  • A Power Management Architecture For Mobile Devices - Matthew Locke (ELCE07)
  • Linux Suspend-to-Disk Objectives for Consumer Electronic Devices – Vitaly Wool (ELCE07)
  • Linux Clock Management Framework - Siarhei Yermalayeu (ELCE07)
  • A Dynamic Voltage and Current Control Interface for the Linux Kernel – Liam Girdwood (ELC08)
  • Power Management Quality of Service and How You Could Use it in Your Embedded Application – Mark Gross (ELC08)
  • Building Blocks for Embedded Power Management – Kevin Hillman (ELC08)
  • Linux System Power Management on OMAP3430 - Richard Woodruff (ELC08)


  • CELL BE - H. Machida (ELCE07)
  • ARM procedure call standard – Hee Seo (KTJ2) download pdf


  • Recent new Features in NPTL - Hiroki Kumagai (JJ16)
  • Covers priority inheritance mutexes
  • CABI, CPU Resource Allocator development status - Y. Yuasa (JJ17)
  • Status Overview of Real-Time – Thomas Gleixner (ELCE07)
  • RT Patch for Cell EB - Patch Status and Performance Measurements - Tsutomu Owa (ELCE07)
  • Using Real-Time Linux - Klaas van Gend (ELC08)
  • Real-Time Virtualization Solutions for Linux - A Comparison of Strategies - Nicholas McGuire (ELC08)
  • Adventures In Real-Time Performance Tuning - Frank Rowand (ELC08)
  • The Completely Fair Scheduler - Thomas Gleixner (KTJ3) download pdf
  • Designing a Realtime System with MV Linux- Seung-Ryong Kwon (KTJ3) download pdf


  • Knoppix 5.1.1 for Trusted Computing Geeks - K.Suzaki (JJ17)
  • Trusted Secure Isolation For Embedded Linux – Hadi Nahari (ELCE07)
  • Development of Embedded SELinu - Yuichi Nakamura (JJ18, ELC08)
  • Performance evaluation of Secure OS using LSM - Naoto Matsuda (JJ18)
  • Recent Security Features and Issues in Embedded Systems - KaiGai Kohei (ELC08)
  • Avoiding Web Application Flaws in Embedded Devices – Jake Edge (ELC08)
  • How to Analyze Your Linux's Behavior with TOMOYO Linux - Kentaro Takeda (ELC08)


  • Compressed Cache – (JJ16)
  • Linux-tiny update – Satoru Ueda (for Tim Bird) (JJ17)
  • Linux Tiny - The Diet Must Go On – Michael Opdenacker (ELCE07)
  • Compressed Swap Solution for Embedded Linux - Alexander Belyakov (ELC08)
  • Kernel Size Report, and Bloatwatch Update – Matt Mackall (ELC08)
  • Linux Tiny - Penguin Weight Watchers – Thomas Petazzoni (ELC08)


  • TimeDoctor - Francois Audeon (ELCE07)
  • Using a JTAG for Linux Driver Debugging – Mike Anderson (ELC08)
  • How GCC Works, An Embedded Engineer's Perspective – Gene Sally (ELC08)
  • Embedded Linux Development with Eclipse - JT Thomas (ELC08)
  • Scratch Box on cross compile environment (Japanese) – Kobayashi (JJ20)
  • Scratch Box on cross compile environment - part 2 (Japanese) – Fuse (JJ21)


  • KFT on PPC – Tsutomu Owa (JJ16)
  • OProfile porting on MIPS architecture - Takehiko Nagano (JJ16)
  • Episodes of LKST for Embedded Linux Systems - Hirohisa Iijima (ELC08)
  • Function-Call Backtracing based on MIPS architecture Linux System - Jong-Sung Kim (KTJ3) download pdf

Tutorials/Development tips

  • Dynamic Linking 3 – Tetsuyuki Kobayashi (JJ16)
  • Learning Kernel Hacking from clever people – Hugh Blemings (ELC08)

Advice/Tips for Acting within Community

  • To Go Along with Community – Shibata (3-JJ17) (4-JJ18)
  • Experiences Posting Patches to the Community - Nakamura (JJ16)
  • Free Software, Licensing and Business Processes - Shane Martin Coughlan (ELCE07)
  • Methods to Protect Proprietary Components in Device Drivers – Matt Porter (ELCE07)
  • From the world of Community
  • David Woodhouse (JJ19, KTJ2) download pdf
  • The Relationship Between Development and the Use of Linux for Embedded Applications  - Andrew Morton (ELC08)
  • Appropriate Community Practices: Social and Technical Advice - Deepak Saxena (ELC08)
  • The Discrimination Method of GPL License Violation on Embedded Products - Kyung-Ae Kim (KTJ3) download pdf


  • Advantage of Linux for use of Embedded systems (JJ18)