Android Benchmarks

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There are a number of useful benchmarks, for testing the performance of different things in an Android system.

Here are some available from the Android market:


  • Has several built-in benchmarks, such as Linpack, Scimark2, and LibMicro
  • Project page at:
  • Is available in Android Market
  • Some tests require root privileges


  • Quadrant Standard edition, in Android Market
    • CPU, I/O and 3D graphics benchmark
      • CPU - arithmetic operations, XML parsing, multimedia decoding
      • Memory throughput
      • I/O - filesystem access and database operations
      • 2D graphics
      • 3D graphics - OpenGL single-pass and multi-pass rendering with stencil buffers
    • Standard edition is free, and not for commercial use
    • Produced by Aurora Softworks

Some people have posted benchmark scores from their devices here:

Command Line benchmarks

  • iozone -
    • ex: to test filesystem I/Os using a l 1MB file, using 4KB record size , without fflush & with fsync 1
iozone -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -i 4 -i 6 -i 7 -s 1024k