Android Hardware

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Mobile Phones


That have shipped

  • HTC Dream
    • Branded as the G1 by T-Mobile
    • Google: Android Developer Phone 1 (ADP1) - same hardware as G1, but unlocked.
  • HTC G1 V2
  • HTC G2, aka HTC Magic
    • Google Android dev phone 2 - same hardware as Magic, but unlocked
  • Samsung Galaxy (in Europe)

Under development

  • Motorola Dext
    • Branded as Motorola Cliq by T-Mobile
    • Has "MotoBlur" interface for interacting with social network sites
    • Wired Article Sep 2009
  • Motorola Sholes ?
  • HTC Hero - available from Sprint on Oct 11, 2009
  • HTC Hero for CDMA
  • HTC Fiesta ?
  • HTC Tatoo - available in Europe in Oct 2009
    • 528MHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM, 240x320 px (QVGA) 2.8-inch touchscreen, GPS, WiFi, compass and accelerometer.
  • LG GW620
  • Sony/Ericsson (undisclosed name)

Non-phone devices

Under development