Android Mainlining Project

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This page is for organizing the Android Mainlining Project. It has information and resources associated with this project.


The goal of this project is to ultimately mainline all patches required to run the current released version of Android. The purpose of mainlining these patches it 3-fold:

  1. to allow a developer to use the latest released version of the Linux kernel to run an Android system, without requiring patches to their kernel
  2. to make it possible to develop drivers and board support features against either an Android kernel release or a kernel release, with little or no modifications or conditional code
  3. to reduce or eliminate the burden of maintaining independent patches from release to release for Android kernel developers

To "mainline" a patch means to have it included in Linus Torvalds kernel, in a released (non-rc) version.

Patch/Feature Status Chart

Feature/Patch Description Status Part of core? Owner/Interested parties
logger kernel support for Android system logging not mainlined yes Tim Bird
wakelocks Power management locking mechanism to prevent opportunistic suspend not mainlined yes
Android alarm timers
network security
Android USB gadget
wireless features
timed gpio

Progress Chart

This section is intended to show our progress, by showing the patch set size over time. With any luck, as we get features into mainline, the difference between the Android kernel and the legacy Linux kernel will shrink.