Android Tutorials Unbox to App

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All Panda Hardware.jpg
 * HDMI 1080p monitor
 * USB keyboard and mouse
 * 5V, 2A Power Supply
 * HDMI Cable
 * Monitor Power Supply
Panda Board Power Supply.jpg A close up of the power supply.
Panda Cables Connected.jpg Unpack the Panda Board and connect the HDMI cable and the USB keyboard and mouse.
Panda Serial to USB.jpg Optionally connect a serial-to-USB converter.
Panda SD Card Reader Writer.jpg Connect an SD card reader
Panda Insert SD Card.jpg Insert your SD card.
Android-build.png Ice cream
Android-build-staging-10.png Ice cream
Android-build-staging-bottom.png Ice cream
Panda ADB Cable.jpg Panda uses a Mini-B plug for ADB
ADB USB Board Connection.jpg Connect the Mini-B plug.
Panda Full Set Up.jpg Everything running.
Android com.png Go to and click on Developers.
Android Ubuntu Linux Notes.png Ice cream
Install android tools.png Ice cream
Disable suspend.png Ice cream