Android on the MIPS CI20

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Using the Android Debugger (adb) with CI20

To get adb access while running Android on the CI20 refer to the hardware diagram and set up the board using the following steps:

  • If there is a jumper on the USG OTG SELECT header, remove it.
  • If there is a cable connected to the USB OTG HOST port, disconnect it.
  • Attach a micro-USB cable to USB OTG DEVICE port.
  • Attach the other end of the USB cable to the host system from which you'll be running adb.
  • Boot the CI20 board and wait for Android to come up.
  • Verify that the host system can see the USB device. On Linux this will normally be done using the command lsusb. If the CI20 is visible to the host system it will appear with the Manufacturer ID/Device ID 18d1:dddd. Again, if your host machine is running Linux lsusb will also identify the CI20 with the description "Google Inc.".
  • Start adb on the host system. If you use 'adb shell' you'll automatically be running a shell on the CI20. Many of the standard POSIX/Linux commands are available.