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Article of the "Interface" Magazine

This is a page to introduce the article of the "Interface" Magazine. "Interface" is one of prestigious magazine for engineers of the digital technologies. All the articles are written in Japanese however based on the acknowledgement of the publisher, we will place the articles about the CE Linux Forum translated in English or the original materials written in English here.

You want to read the article in Japanese? Why don't you buy the magazine :)

July 2005 Issue

  • Introduction of the CE Linux Forum
    • From a view point of one of the CE products vendor (S. Ueda)
    • Calling for the Translation Volunteer
    • From a view point of one of the semiconductor solution providor (H. Munakata)
    • Calling for the Translation Volunteer

August 2005 Issue

  • Submitting Patches for the Mainline Linux kernel from CELF activities (Tim Bird)
    • This is one of the best article to encourage joining the open source development activities
  • Linux Kernel Status Tracer (T. Nojiri)
    • Calling for the Translation Volunteer
  • Power Management Enhancements (Geoff Levand)