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Samsung K9GAG08UOM
Samsung K9GAG08UOM
Nanya NT5DS64M8CS-5T [[media:Nt5d32m16cs-5t.pdf|Datasheet]]
'''SDRAM:''' Nanya NT5DS64M8CS-5T [[media:Nt5d32m16cs-5t.pdf|Datasheet]]
Cirrus 42L52CNZ [[media:Cirrus-CS42L52.pdf|Datasheet]]
'''Audio:''' Cirrus 42L52CNZ [[media:Cirrus-CS42L52.pdf|Datasheet]]
Davicom DM9000AEP [[media:Davicom-DM9000AEPProductBrief_v1.0.pdf‎|Product Brief]], [[media:DAVICOM-DM9000A-DATASHEET-F01-101906.pdf|Datasheet]], [[media:DAVICOM_DM9000Acircuit_EMI_052306.pdf|Circuit]]
'''Ethernet:''' Davicom DM9000AEP [[media:Davicom-DM9000AEPProductBrief_v1.0.pdf‎|Product Brief]], [[media:DAVICOM-DM9000A-DATASHEET-F01-101906.pdf|Datasheet]], [[media:DAVICOM_DM9000Acircuit_EMI_052306.pdf|Circuit]]
Cypress CY7C63413C-PVXC [[media:Cypress_CY7C63413C_CY7C63513C_CY7C63613C.pdf‎|Datasheet]]
'''USB Keyboard Controller:''' Cypress CY7C63413C-PVXC [[media:Cypress_CY7C63413C_CY7C63513C_CY7C63613C.pdf‎|Datasheet]]
Cypress CY8C2043412LKXI [[media:Cypress-CY8C20x344.pdf|Datasheet]]
'''Touchpad Controller:''' Cypress CY8C2043412LKXI [[media:Cypress-CY8C20x344.pdf|Datasheet]]
== Technical Information ==
== Technical Information ==
[http://iliketopoopinthe.pastebin.com/M0DJLdwz MMU memory map dump]
[http://iliketopoopinthe.pastebin.com/M0DJLdwz MMU memory map dump]

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Augen E-Go OE-A730
Augen E-Go OE-A731
Augen E-Go OE-A732
Augen E-Go OE-A733


There are four Augen E-Go netbooks based on the MagicEyes Pollux processor: OE-A730, OE-A731, OE-A732, and OE-A733. As far as we know they are technically identical, the difference being the color of the enclosure. The devices ship by default with WinCE (but HaRET will run on it, facilitating investigation). Most importantly, we have had success UART-booting the Linux kernel used in the Leapster Explorer on the device.

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  • MagicEyes Pollux VF3520F MHz processor (ARM 926EJ-S) Datasheet
  • 128 MB DDR RAM
  • 2 GB Nand flash storage
  • SD/MMC slot
  • AC97 audio w/two built-in 0.5W speakers
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
  • Built-in digital media card reader
  • Keyboard with TouchPad
  • Power LED, WiFi LED, Battery LED and Activity LED
  • 7-inch widescreen TFT LCD (800 x 480) AT070TN82 Datasheet

I/O ports:

  • Two (2) USB 1.1 ports
  • One (1) Mini USB port
  • One (1) Microphone in jack
  • One (1) Headphone out jack
  • One (1) RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • One (1) Rest button (on bottom)

Power Specifications:

  • DC 9V - 2A
  • Battery - Lithium Polymer - 7.4V, 16 Wh - 2100 mAh

Unit Dimensions:

  • 1.25 x 8.5 x 5.5-inches (H x W x D, approximate)
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

Chip List

Samsung K9GAG08UOM

SDRAM: Nanya NT5DS64M8CS-5T Datasheet

Audio: Cirrus 42L52CNZ Datasheet

Ethernet: Davicom DM9000AEP Product Brief, Datasheet, Circuit

USB Keyboard Controller: Cypress CY7C63413C-PVXC Datasheet

Touchpad Controller: Cypress CY8C2043412LKXI Datasheet

Technical Information

MMU memory map dump