Automated Testing

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This page has information about issues and initiatives for automated testing of embedded Linux.

As of November 2018, there are a number of automated testing frameworks and tools for Linux.

Test Systems

See the Test Systems page for information about different test systems and frameworks for Linux.

In Fall of 2018, there was a Test Stack Survey conducted, which tried to characterize the features, attributes and terminology of several different test systems. Please see the responses on that page for some information about the different systems.

Board Farms

See the Board Farm page for information about hardware and software related to running and managing a collection of devices being tested.

Test Standards

We have a Test Glossary under development.

See also Test Standards for a list of different areas of standardization for testing.

Our community

The only online points of coordination between different test frameworks that I am aware of is this wiki and the following e-mail list:

Mailing list

Discussions on this topic held on the "Automated Testing" mailing list of the Yocto Project


The first event specifically dedicated to automated testing of Linux was the Automated Testing Summit (ATS), held for the first time in October of 2018.

We hope to have another event in Lyon, France, in October of 2019.

More information

Presentations and other resources are available on the Testing page.