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* Neil Williams
* Neil Williams
* Cyril Hrubis
* Cyril Hrubis
* Amin Khozaei
* you?
* you?

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This is a public planning page for an Automated Testing meeting at FOSDEM 2019.


The following persons are interested in meeting at FOSDEM 2019:

  • Anders Roxell
  • Matt
  • Jan Lübbe
  • Chris Fiege
  • Kieran Bingham
  • Rouven Czerwinski
  • Jan-Simon Möller
  • Geert Uytterhoeven
  • Rémi Duraffort
  • Michal Simek
  • Neil Williams
  • Cyril Hrubis
  • Amin Khozaei
  • you?

Possible Topics

The following topics could be discussed in a meeting at FOSDEM 2019:

Linaro / LAVA stand

It can be hard to find particular people within the 8,000+ attendees to FOSDEM. Linaro has a stand at FOSDEM 2019 which could act as a focal point for people wanting to meet up. Various Linaro and LAVA people will be at the stand during the event.

The Linaro stand at FOSDEM 2019 will be in the AW building. The stand will be on the ground floor, along the corridor from AW120 near MicroPython and PINE64. Various Linaro and LAVA people will be around the stand during the event, so this can act as a focal point for anyone wanting to talk about Linaro and or LAVA during FOSDEM.

The AW building is near the car park, across from Janson and the H building.

  • more topics here