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| Bootloader testing in LAVA || Remi Duraffort || [[File:ATS-Lyon-Bootloader-testing-in-LAVA.pdf|thumb|A Guide to CIP Testing]]
| Bootloader testing in LAVA || Remi Duraffort || [[File:ATS-Lyon-Bootloader-testing-in-LAVA.pdf|thumb|A Guide to CIP Testing]]
| New Ways Out of the Struggle of Testing Embedded Devices || Chris Fiege || [[File:ATS2019-cfi-embedded-testing_handout.pdf|thumb|Embedded Testing]]
== Videos ==
== Videos ==

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This is a public planning page for the Automated Testing Summit

Please see: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/ats-2019/

2019 meeting

Coordinated by: Tim Bird This is now a full-blow Linux Foundation event, with sponsors, a CFP, program and everything.

See the Linux Foundation Event page for details.

Mailing list

Inter-project discussions on Automated Testing occur on the "Automated Testing" mailing list of the Yocto Project

Date and Venue

  • Location: Lyon, France
  • Venue: Lyon Convention Center, 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle
  • Date: October 31, 2019
  • Rooms: Pasteur Lounge and Rhone 3AB
  • Time: 9:00 am to 17:15 (5:15 pm)

Attendance is by open to the public, and we are projecting the attendee fee to be $250, with this fee waived for speakers.

Summit Pre-planning

Here is a list of action items to do to prepare for the summit:

  • organize program committee (in progress)
  • get sponsors
    • create sponsorship prospectus (almost done)
    • contact candidate sponsors (in progress)
  • hold "Call for Proposals"
    • need to determine CFP dates (done)
  • determine agenda
    • organize program committee (in progress)
  • advertise for attendees
  • reserve venue, catering, AV rentals (done)
  • create signage, web site, registration system

For private planning information, see the private planning wiki page

Call for Presentations

  • CFP Open: Tuesday, May 28
  • CFP Close: Friday, August 13
  • Notifications Out: September 2
  • Schedule Out: September 4
  • Slides Due: October 24, 2019
  • Event Date: October 31, 2019

Suggested Topics

  • Board Farms and Test Labs - hardware, software, useful practices
  • Layers and Interfaces - components of your automated CI loop and protocols between them
  • Results Reporting - results aggregation, visualization, notifications, etc.
  • Defining standards - propose or discuss conventions for test definitions, results formats, layer interoperability (e.g. protocols), etc.
  • Existing Projects - describe your test system or framework and any challenges you overcame or that are still outstanding
  • Scalability - supporting big data, or handling distributed builds or tests
  • Ease of use - making testing and test development accessible to non-QA folk (developers, end-users)

Pre-meeting work

Here's what Tim thinks we need to do:

  • Refine the test stack reference diagram
  • Organize committees for specific APIs
    • designate a head for each committee


Sponsorship is being provided by:

  • (To be announced)


(To be announced)

Summit Artifacts

(To be uploaded after the event)

Key decisions

  • all systems to make a kcidb client (upload results)
  • use LTP metadata format as initial standard
    • add meta-data convert to kselftest (Tim)
  • build a prototype to move boards between LAVA and labgrid (Jan)
  • want to collect more information for "Hardware Design for Testing"
  • get something working for board management layer for poweron/poweroff/serial-console
  • continue work on test definition common schema and central repository (Tim)
  • add information about hardware you find useful, or have designed please add to Board_Farm
  • focus on meeting at Plumbers next year
  • continue using automated-testing@lists.yoctoproject.org

Action items from meeting

Action items:

  • post slides to this page
  • send minutes


Session Presenter Slides
A Guide to CIP Testing Chris Paterson & Michael Adler File:2019-10-31 ATS-Lyon CIP Testing Overview v3.pdf
Update on previous conferences, KernelCI update Kevin Hilman File:ATS 2019.pdf
Bootloader testing in LAVA Remi Duraffort File:ATS-Lyon-Bootloader-testing-in-LAVA.pdf
New Ways Out of the Struggle of Testing Embedded Devices Chris Fiege File:ATS2019-cfi-embedded-testing handout.pdf