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= Description =
= Description =
[[File:Black-bacon1.jpg|200px]] [[File:Black-bacon2.png|400px]]
[[File:Black-bacon1.jpg|200px]] [[File:Black-bacon2.png|500px]]
== General Information ==
== General Information ==

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Black-bacon1.jpg Black-bacon2.png

General Information

The Bacon Cape is an accessory board design to be used with the BeagleBone Black or original BeagleBone (aka White). The Bacon Cape was designed to provide hardware examples of some of the basic input/output features of the BeagleBone products.


  • PWM controlled Red/Green/Blue LED
  • GPIO Output controlled 7 Segment LED display
  • ADC input using a variable resistor slider potentiometer
  • GPIO input using a button

Reference Material



  • Single tricolored RGB LED (datasheet)
  • 74HC595 Serial Shift Register (datasheet)
  • 7 Segment Display (datasheet)
  • 10k Slider Potentiometer
  • Button

Desgin Files