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The Banana Pi is an open source computer capable of running Linux and Android 4.4. It has an AllWinner A20 SoC with 1GB of memory and a dual core ARM CPU.

Linux on Allwinner SoC resources

Banana Pi Resources

Banana Pi Community

Note that Banana Pi has experienced some vendor and community partitioning as a result of design cloning and possible trademark disputes.


This section refers to the original dual-core model of Banana Pi, sold as "BPM-M1").

CPU A20 ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core
GPU ARM Mali400MP2 Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
Memory (SDRAM) 1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU)
Onboard Storage SD (Max. 64GB) / MMC card slot UP to 2T on SATA disk
Onboard Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45 (optional USB WIFI Dongle)
Camera Input A CSI input connector allows for the connection of a designed camera module
Sound Input Mic
Video Outputs HDMI, CVBS , LVDS/RGB
Audio Output 3.5 mm Jack and HDMI
Power Source 5 volt via MicroUSB(DC In Only) and/or MicroUSB (OTG)
USB 2.0 Ports 2 (direct from Allwinner A20 chip)
Buttons Reset button: Next to MicroUSB connector

Power button: Next to Reset button

UBoot button (optional): Behind HDMI connector

GPIO(2X13) pin GPIO,UART,I2C bus,SPI bus with two chip selects,CAN bus,ADC,PWM,+3.3v,+5v,ground.
LED Power Status LED (Red)

Ethernet Status LED (Blue)

User Define LED (Green)

Remote IR

New models in Banana Pi family

OS Support

  • Raspbian
  • Lubuntu
  • OpenSuse
  • Fedora
  • ArchLinux
  • Bananian
  • Android 4.4