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Jump to: navigation, search has applied for participation in Google Code-In 2014. This is the page for collecting ideas for GCI.


Participating Students are expected to be able to sucessfully cross compile a C program.

Those needing support may ask on the IRC Channel #beagle where community members will be able to guide them through this process.

BoneScript Tasks

PyBBIO Tasks

BotSpeak Tasks

Documentation Tasks


Google Code-In does not have a specific concept of mentors as Google Summer of Code does. However you can contact any one of these for any help related to the work.

Name IRC nickname Native language Other languages Timezone Software help Hardware help Focus projects
Jason Kridner jkridner English - US Eastern JavaScript, C, u-boot wiring, timing diagrams, basic debug BoneScript development
Kumar Abhishek Abhishek_ English - West Indonesia Time (WIB) C, Kernel, PRU Circuits, PCB Design, Debugging BeagleLogic